I hope it rains this weekend….

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I hope it rains this weekend because this weekend we have to bail hay.  Baling hay is not fun and it is really hot and I am going to be swetting up a storm.  We Bale more than 25,000 bales every year and with all of this rain we are going to have to bail a lot more than that.

Last year we only bailed 32,000 bales and it was pretty dry last year.  Baling hay is a long process.  First you have to you have to cut and put the grass into rows.  Second you have to hook the baler up to the tractor and then hook the trailer  to the baler.  Third you take the baler out into the field where the rows are and then you start bailing.  The wagon is hooks up to the baler and once the baler finishes a bail you are on the wagon you grab the bale and stack it on the wagon.  After the wagon you take back to the barn and unload it and then out on the convey.  The convey is a like a moving latter you stick three bales on out and then it takes it up to the loft where you want it.  The really bad thing about baling is that it’s really hot and we bale lot and lots of hay.

This is why I want it to rain this weekend!!!


Sixth Grade Camp….

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I can’t wait until Sixth Grade Camp.   Sixth Grade Camp is a camp for the sixth graders who are moving on to the seventh grade.  The camp is held at camp Ody- Okya.

There is so many fun things to do at camp like the Fat Man Squeeze.   Fat Man Squeeze is a squeeze in the rocks.   The best part of fat man squeeze is that you have to crawl on your stomach and when you come you are covered in muddy slime and you are drenched.  There is also the stream study.  The stream study is fun because almost everybody falls in and if you fall in than the rest of your group has to go back to where they started.   I think that a lot of us kids will fall, I think it would be so funny if one of the teachers fell in.

The only bad part about this year is that we are not allowed to climb the tree and we are not allowed to do the zip line.   All year I was looking forward the zip line and then some stopped tree had to fall on zip line.  The zip line was probably one of the best parts of camp but all in all I think that I will have as just as good as time as when they did have the zip line.

I have five days until CAMP and I can’t wait!!!

Steps for fictional naretive

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The first step to writing a story involves making some decisions.
How many characters will there be?
What are the names of the characters?
Who is the main character?
Where does the story take place?
When does the story take place?
What will happen in the story?
What problems occur?
How will the problems be solved?
What moral or lesson will be learned?

What would I do if I was Russell? What would I was do with a bully?

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We are reading the book the revealer’s for our read-aloud.  This book is about Russell (who is the main character now) is just starting his first year in middle school. Russell has no friends and is being ordered around and followed by the school bully Richie.  So far Richie has punched Russell, dumped a bottle of root beer on him in front of a store and is constantly stalking Russell.

We are supposed to write what we would do if we were in Russell place? We were also asked what we would do with a bully? Well if I was in Russell’s place I would just stay clear of him, but Russell can only go home a couple of ways and Richie always seems to be there.  I could tell my mom and then my mom would talk to the school and then the school would have a talk with Richie then after that Richie would probably beat me up.  The one thing that I would do with Richie is I would try to be more confident than Richie might have some respect which is doubtful or maybe some mercy. I  could also be nice and see what Richie’s reaction would be.  I might even mess with him.  If he gets the idea through his head that I am trying to be like him than he might start to like me.

What to do with a Bully?  I think that the one reason so many people are scared of them is because that they let it get through head that the bully is way stronger and way bigger.  But if you are confident than you will have the guts to stand up to him.


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The DARE program is a very good program and is affecting kids all through out the United States.  DARE shows the real affects of smoking, drinking ,and doing other drugs.  Myself probably most of the other sixth grade students did not think  that most of the results of doing drugs were  very pleasant.  Deputy Thomas does a great job with kids! He kept us kids laughing and keeping us off drugs and showing what the right choices are when put in a bad situation.  I think that DARE does a great job at keeping kids off drugs.  Doing drugs would just not work out with me because I am an athlete and if you do drugs you’re not fit to be an athlete.  We also learned about friendship and how it is important.  Friendship and sports are a major part of my life and if you do drugs you’ll lose all that.

For about nine weeks we have learned about reasons not to do drugs and ways to stay out of situations that include drugs.  We have learned that if you do drugs you lose lots physically and emotionally.  You lose your friends and your ability in sports and you could lose you.  Doing drugs destroys you body and your personality.

DARE has given us tons of information on drugs and what to do in bad situations.  We were informed and also got to feel or see what it was like to drink alcohol.  You probably do not know that when you drink lots of alcohol you start to get dizzy and feel sometimes crazy if you drink too much.  Well Deputy Thomas had us feel and see what would happen if you drank alcohol.  He had us put on DUI goggles.  The DUI goggles made a straight line look like a curved line.  Deputy Thomas had us walk a straight line ( which actually looked curved) and then had us catch a tennis ball, I missed the tennis ball but I did pretty well on the strait/curved line.  I have also learned that anyone under the age of 21 cannot drink alcohol.   Alcohol can really have an affect on you and an affect on the people around you.

I have also learned how and what to do in “Ways to stay out of risky situations”.  I have learned how and what to say in bad situations. One way is to just “Avoid the situation”.  Avoiding the situation is a good way to stay out of risky situations because you don’t even go into the situation.  Another way to stay out of risky situations is “strength in numbers”.  Strength in numbers is where you hang around nonusers.  Another way to stay out risky situations is “Walking away”.  Walking away is another good strategy to use because if someone asks “you for a smoke”? Then you just simply walk away.  There is one more strategy, that I know of that is a good strategy it is the “Cold shoulder”.  The cold shoulder is if someone asks you if you want a dip you just ignore the person.  Deputy Thomas had us do a skit with a partner,the skit showed what to do in a situation when someone asks you if you want a cigarette.  I was the one who was asking if my partner wanted a cigarette, he just ignored me, so I kept asking him about it and he kept ignoring me so I kept asking him and finally he said no I don’t want any.  My partner used the cold shoulder which is where you ignore the person and he also used just saying no.  Saying no to drugs is easy you just have to be a rebel and go against the what is happening in a bad situation even if it’s your friends.

DARE has had a huge influence on my life and is one of the best programs ever and showed me why I should never do drugs and the DARE program and Deputy Thomas have convinced me to never do drugs.  My goals are to become a star football player and to go to a good college and get a good education.  If I do drugs than I most definitely won’t be able to do any of that.

For the rest of my life I pledge to never do drugs and to never do things or get into situations that involve drugs.


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Integrity.  I think that integrity should apply to anybody who really cares about having a life that is good and right and that shows what you are or what you want to be.

In Freak the Mighty, I think that when Kevin lied about the robotic body he was showing integrity, because if I knew that I was going to die I would not tell my friends.  That would just make them mad and they would not have as a good of a time if they knew that you were going to die.  But if they didn’t know they would have the time of their life and so would you.

I think that my integrity in a couple of words would be Honesty, Discipline, and Respect.

The sixth grade nickname game…..

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Have you ever given anybody a nickname at your school because og what they do or what they look like?  Have you ever had a new person at your school who just looks and does so many things that you just can’t figure out a nickname for that person?  Well this happens to Wiley and Jeff in the book The sixth grade nickname game.

The sixth grade nickname game is a book that you would not read unless you just picked out a random book. That’s what I did and I’m glad I did because so far I really like it.

This book has two main characters Wiley and Jeff.  Wiley and Jeff are not just best friends but Wiley and Jeff were born the same day born in the same hospital and live right next to each other.  They are pretty much brothers.  These two are also known as the two nickname people.

There is one problem in the book, there is a new girl named Casandra.  Now Casandra is making Wiley and Jeff mad and mad at each other.  Why? Because Wiley and Jeff can’t figure out a nickname for Casandra and Wiley and Jeff both like her and are fighting to get her to go to the dance coming up.

So will Wiley and Jeff ever figure out a nickname for Casandra?  Who will Casandra take to the dance?  Well you will have to read the book to find out.